Tour Guidelines

GARDEN TOUR passes should be visibly worn throughout the day. The colored dot corresponds with a colored dot on the map. To minimize congestion, it is suggested that you start your tour at this color-coordinated garden.

SOME of the gardens are located on one-lane roadways. Drive slowly and watch for oncoming traffic. Meeting another car may require pulling off the road to the right as far as possible or even backing up for whoever is closest to a turnout. This is country driving; take your time, be courteous and patient, and enjoy the experience.

BE PREPARED for the weather; the tour will be held rain or shine. A hat, sunscreen, water, and comfortable walking shoes are recommended.

GARDENS open at 11:00 a.m. and close at 4:00 p.m.

PARKING is limited; carpool if you can, and be prepared to walk a short distance to each garden.

WEAR appropriate shoes for walking on unlevel surfaces, which could include dirt, mud, hills, rocks, and other natural elements. Gardens may not have chairs or benches; be prepared to stand and walk.

BRING a camera.

DO NOT pick, clip, or injure plants in any way.

RESPECT the owner's privacy. Come only on the day of the tour, and do not enter homes unless stated OK to do so.

PLAN a lunch break and pit stops. Restrooms may or may not be available.

TURN OFF cell phones or set to vibrate only.

SMOKING is strictly forbidden.

NO PETS, please.

CHILDREN are more than welcome, but must be supervised at all times. Please note that the Kaweah River is very dangerous; do not allow children to be unattended at river's edge or let them climb or walk on the slippery boulders that make up the shoreline.

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